look at the other pages, parts for sale, jeeps for sale, jeeps wanted, lots of helpful info on willys jeeps to read, ring me any time including late evenings are ok with me 

jeeps wanted top prices paid
willys jeeps wanted , top prices paid

I have a list of customers with big budgets waiting for a nice repaired ready to use jeep, I like refurbishing them, If you have  a jeep or parts  for sale please give me a call for a chat , i buy them as a trade buyer with no comebacks to worry about , very quick 20 minute  inspection , I buy them in  all conditions and make a very quick decision and imediate purchase If you decide to accept my offer  £8000 to £18000  paid  before removal depending on originality or condition of your jeep 01548521278

CMV magazine contributions
classic military vehicle magazine articles

Military magazine , I have been contributing articles for  (Classic military vehicle) magazine since June 2021, I have many fixes and modifications to share, Its a great magazine to subscibe to, I also submit interesting storys from other enthusists so  If you have an interesting military styled  vehicle  or story you think people would like to read about please get in touch

nice jeep and great family
willys m38a1 sold to the next generation

always nice  to sell a jeep to such  genuine  people and great to see the youngsters so enthusiastic about it

what price should you pay for willys jeep?
jeeps wanted

2021 ,  the prices for willys ww2 and Hotchkiss m201 jeeps are  increrasing at an alarming rate , If your budget is less than £18000 why not  consider a post war jeep like the m38a1 good condition examples of these can be purchased for around half the price of the equivalent willys mb ww2 jeep   , realistically you need to be prepaired to spend £17000 to £19000 now  to buy a nice Hotchkiss and £20000 or over for a tidy ww2 example , post war jeeps like the m38 and cj2 etc make a good usable alternative, they are tax and mot exempt  and can sometimes  be purchased for around  £10000, these post war jeeps are more servicable , eisier to work on and also going up in value fast

jeeps wanted any condition, high prices paid
barn find jeeps wanted

I am struggling to find stock , I am currantly paying £13000 to £15000 for ww2 and Hotchkiss jeeps but will go higher if your jeep is  in nice running order , most of the jeeps I buy are  non runners or barn find jeeps with mechanical troubles, I refurbish and repair them to make my profit

m38a1 jeep sold recently
willys m38 jeep being collected from Devon

sold recently 

willys cj2a sold locally
willys jeep cj2a sold locally

this was sold locally

sales and wants including jago kits and post war
willys jeep repair work

Jeeps and classic cars purchased outright or sold on behalf of customers, Classic cars, vintage tractors, all things classic 

repair work and modifications undertaken,

contact Robert U'Ren 



willys jeep repairs Devon
willys jeep repairs Devon

I am now taking on repair work to your willys and Hotchkiss jeeps, I charge £185 per day + vat and materials used, I have all the tools and equipment needed on site , I can repair and fix  problems that often  no one else has been able to fix?

I know this is true as I buy problem  jeeps all the time , often the sellers have struggled to  get them running properly and given up on them , I am often  able to dignose and repair problems that other garages and repair shops  have tried and failed,  

,  I  can cover a huge amount of work on a jeep in one day as i have the  4 post ramp and jacking beam engine crane, hydraulic press, mig welder gas equipment for heating and freeing off bolts and many special jeep service tools and test equipment , eg I can usually refurbish a complete braking system  on a jeep in 1 to 2 days,  oil seals/radiator changes, caburettor replacements, exhaust repairs, steering setup , spring repairs and   general servicing  can all be dealt with in as little as 1 days labour

I dont do complete frame off restorations or engine and gearbox rebuilds from the ground up,  prefering to take on jobs that i can sort out in a few days, Im not one for having a workshop full of  other peoples longwinded ongoing projects, I like to get the jeep repaired and back to the customer , If your jeep is a real in depth project or pile of worn out donor parts on a trailer , sorry i dont do those type of projects , I consider them as expensive and time consuming can of worms that can often turn out to be real heartbreakers 

willys jeep buy back
willys jeep guaranteed buy back

I am happy to buy back any jeep I have previously supplied  


depending on time passed or  improvements made I can often give you a tidy profit

Every jeep I have sold since I started this business has steadily increased  in value, I have now sold over 120 jeeps in 7 years including m38, m38a1 and cj2a   post war variants 

off to Swindon
Hotchkiss jeep off to Swindon

I do get some lovely  hotchkiss jeeps , the values are right up with the ww2 jeeps now as people are realising the advantage of the mechanical mods and the low use low mileage   on these french built post war willys  jeeps 

sold to Photographer classic and sports car mag
Jim in his jeep at Christmas

nice article from Classic and sports car magazine 


wiilys/hotchkiss jeep repairs and cosmetics
willys jeeps repaired

I am now taking on some jeep repairs and cosmetics, brake refurbs, oil seal replacements, engine repairs, tuning and problem solving, welding repairs, paintwork and graphics, stencil work, decor etc, 

I charge £23 per hour + any consumables used

call me to discuss on 01548521278

Dear Rob,


I just wanted to say the hugest of thank yous for all of the work that you have done on the Willys Jeep; we have just had it delivered and taken it out for an inaugural spin and it is running like an absolute dream! I was so thrilled to inherit her from my uncle albeit slightly worried that she was on her last legs from rust and engine neglect but the work that you have done has really brought her back to life, giving her many more happy years ahead pootling about the lanes of West Cornwall and bringing huge smiles to us all. Thank you!


With very best wishes,



jeeps repaired
repairs to willys jeeps

fixing faults on jeeps is  my special subject,  Its all old school mechanicing on these old jeeps, no laptops or ecu, no invisible electronics, After 7 years repairing and renovating jeeps I am now confident to take on repair work and fault finding on your jeep,  I  have not been stumped with a jeep problem yet and have remedied faults on many  jeeps that the big car repair garages couldnt

my charges are £185 per day , call me anytime to talk It over , It may be something simple that I can talk you through how to do on the phone 


jeeps wanted upto £20000 paid
redundant willys jeeps purchased

I pay good prices for  willys,  ford and Hotchkiss jeeps, non runners and  projects also purchased.  Payment before removal, discretion assured. Careful and considerate removal.

Call me anytime with  no obligation or pressure to sell

If you prefer you can  email details of what you have and we can communicate by email

finders fee/commission paid

I am happy to pay you a very high commission if you know of a jeep privately that is for sale.

the comision can be negotiated before we proceed and is payable subject to a purchase 

 If you know of a jeep that may be for sale privately,  Please don't hesitate to get in touch, I am easy going non-pressurising  man of my word and have already built a good reliable reputation. Contact tel no is 01548521278

click the orange strip to access other pages

To see the jeeps for sale and access helpful info on buying a jeep, move the mouse on the orange strip above and click on the page you would like to see

To all my customers over the past years
willys jeep recovery

Thank you all very much for all your custom and choosing to buy your jeep from me. All your jeeps have gained in value substantially over the years. Not many hobbies out there that reward you so well financially including all the other fun associated.with owning a willys jeep.

  I am currently writing a book to help people be able to lok after thair jeeps so Please send your pictures and fixes I may be able to include them in the book, keep sending  in your pictures and If you have any problems  with your jeeps don't hesitate to  call me. 

I always try to help If you have any problems with your jeep  so please don't fret , give me a call straight away if anything goes wrong

Always do my best  to help my customers if they have any issues

I never tire of talking jeeps

I now feel ready to take on repair work to other peoples jeeps as I  have gained the experience through my 7 years of repairing and renovating jeeps for re sale, 

I charge  a day rate of £180 per day +vat , with my facilitys  I can often do  in one day what  many people would struggle to do in a week  and I am  able to repair many things that others struggle with

, I only take on jobs that I have done before on my own jeeps and  confident  I  can do well so give me a call anytime to discuss what needs fixing on your jeep



new years day 2020
customers wilys jeep

 Hi Robert, Happy New year to you and your family, just a couple of pictures of the jeep you sold me, iam very happy with it and have spent lots of hours getting it ready for showing this year at Rallies, kind regards Andy

Hotchkiss jeep Americanised
Hotchkiss jeep willys jeep uk

willys jeeps make good investments

I have diversified into buying and selling Willys jeeps. Due to the jeeps simple basic mechanicals my farm workshop is well capable of any work that's needed to renovate a jeep.

7 years ago I decided I would like to own a Willys jeep,. The family farm was one of many farms in this area used as a practice ground in preparation for the WW2 D day landings. I purchased my first jeep in 2014 Thinking how nice it would be to have one here on the farm  .

 During the war years approx. 600,000 jeeps were built by Willys and Ford, they were expected to last just a few months before they were destroyed in combat. Thousands of these jeeps have survived and are still with us today 78 years on.

Every spare part is now available again, new off the shelf  due to the demand by military enthusiasts and collectors all over the world who are still today finding and rebuilding these old jeeps.

 There is a thriving market for all the parts. The basic, simple design of the jeep makes it an easy car to refurbish, and the small compact size enables one to fit comfortably in a standard garage, the light weight coupled with the powerful 2.2 litre engine makes them real fun cars to drive.

After the war,  jeeps were sold off in batches at military auctions, Many of them had been recently reconditioned before storage, they were ideal for farm use due to their off road and towing capabilities. Many were purchased by people living in remote off road locations, and some went to be used as breakdown trucks at garages and service stations.

21,000  jeeps that survived the war in France  were later purchased for the French military together with substantial quantities of spares. By the mid 50s these jeeps were getting tired,  an alternative 4wd vehicle was in the pipeline, but after experimenting with building their own version of a jeep the French military decided to start building more Willys jeeps again for their military. Once the tooling was in place This would also enable rebuilding of  the existing wartime jeeps they still had.

The French military produced another 28,000 slightly modified but almost identical willys jeeps from mid 50s to 1966 and kept many of them in service until mid 70s. The last of these French military jeeps were sold off in military auctions as recently as 2002.

In 1944 my farm and surrounding farms and villages, were evacuated so the American military could practice for the D day liberation of France. These very fields would have been busy with foot soldiers’ lorries, jeeps and tanks. Empty shell cases and artefacts can still be found today on our farms. What better place to test a surviving wartime jeep’s capability than the very same turf they were tested on before they went to battle.

Jeeps are still being purchased today by classic car collectors and off-road enthusiasts. Their value has risen steadily throughout their existence, making them a rock-solid investment as well as being a lovely vehicle to own and look at, they are enormous fun to drive.

In the years after the war other 4wd vehicles were being designed and manufactured for civilian use with lockable doors, waterproof cabs and heaters, After people had seen what jeeps were capable of,  These more civilized 4wds were irresistible and sold in great numbers.

Off road vehicle clubs sprang up all over the world and many military surplus jeeps found their way back onto the rough stuff being tested all over again. Modifications on these little jeeps were easy to do so it was nearly another decade before the Willys jeeps off road ability could be rivalled. 


jeeps for sale needing work

I sometimes offer a  jeep for sale in the as found condition  straight off the trailer  but this is not what people really want despite what they may say. I usually end up putting it in my workshop and  fettling and fixing things  then change the price up accordingly and the jeep appeals to a wider audience and sells much quicker. 

If you see my price for the same jeep increase after a week or so  this would be what has happened. 

People often ask me for a cheap jeep needing work but when offered exactly this they rarely actually buy it.

Offering a jeep in as seen condition needing recommissioning

This offers mechanically skilled people with a tight budget a  chance to buy a cheap jeep with some repairs to sort out themselves. 

If you have a jeep for sale in any condition very good or very poorly with problems or rusty non runner I pay very good prices , instant payment and prompt collection, usually agree a price over the phone after seing a few pictures and description of the jeep


creating patina
willys jeep weathered in parts

When refurbishing the metalwork or graphics on an old original patina jeep, it's nice to try and weather down the new reproduction parts.

after sales support

If you have purchased a jeep from me you will know I give friendly after sales support, free impartial advice before you purchase a jeep with no obligation to buy one from me. You can still call me for advice. I love talking jeeps. 

nice email

comments = Hi Robert, I have been following your web site with great
interest for some time now. I have also seen your vehicles pop up for sale
on other sites and I like what I have seen. I have formed the impression
that you are passionate about the Willys/Ford GPW Jeep and I get the
distinct impression that you care for your customers. I am interested in
sourcing a Willyâ?Ts Jeep with authentic WW2 heritage. The market for such
vehicles in Ireland is tiny so I have little chance of sourcing one at home.
I would prefer a restored vehicle with full canvas and accessories. It would
be an advantage if the vehicle were converted to 12 volts. Being in Ireland
I am a little hamstrung in my ability to travel quickly to secure such a
vehicle before the local market reacts but I would do my best to travel
immediately I am retired so I am not a slave to time, I am now in the
driving seat!! I look forward to hearing from you, I am in no immediate rush
for the right vehicle

military Jeep gatherings
join in with our jeep days

 Summer  fun  jeep  gatherings from various owners premises around Devon, including a coastal or scenic  road run.  If you would be interested in taking your jeep on one  and would like to be informed  when we meet up, email your contact details or call  on 01548521278 anytime.


Selling Your Jeep
willys jeeps wanted any condition

I am always looking for jeeps in all conditions,   I pay very good prices dependant on condition and history. I also buy classic car projects, non runners kit car jeeps and spare parts. 

Selling a vehicle can be a worrying business - timewasters,  people offering part payment, and so on.

 As a real  enthusiast with strong knowledge of all things jeep, I can make you an offer over the phone or return email.

I have my own recovery trailer  and offer instant payment and removal. If tyres are flat and wheels seized, this is no problem as I have a low loading recovery trailer with strong winch for careful removal from garage or garden . A price can be discussed and agreed  over the telephone before visiting to make sure we are both happy. I  can offer a much higher price than the large dealers, as I don't have large overheads or staff to pay!

I am always contactable by landline (mobiles have no signal where I live!) or if you prefer email. Send me a picture and  some details about  the jeep . Contact me on reusablematerial(at)btconnect(dot)com or through the website or 01548521278


click on the jeeps for sale page above

I love to sell a jeep  down here in the south west and will bend over backwards to sell a nice jeep

locally. I am then able to give good after sales help if you encounter any problems with your jeep. 

I make sure the jeep buying experience is as enjoyable as possible with a  road test around our country lanes in the jeep, 4 post ramp for your inspection,  never any pressurized sales. Don't mind a bit if you are going on to look at other jeeps after the visit.  The whole experience of visiting me to look at a jeep is an enjoyable one.

If you have bought a jeep from me and are 100s of miles away and it goes wrong, I will always help with any problems over the phone and by email. Most of the jeeps I sell have been thoroughly road tested and any little problems have been discovered and rectified before they are re-sold. This usually amounts to overhauling  brakes, engine tuning, exhaust, batteries, lighting etc, sometimes a bit of bodywork repair but generally the French jeeps are very good runners and fairly rust-free. I am always happy to buy back a jeep previously purchased from me.

buy back
I am happy to buy back jeeps I've prev supplied

 I will always be happy to buy back jeeps  I have  previously supplied  no matter what may have happened to them or what condition they are now in. Often able to pay you a complete refund or offer you a  profit if you have improved things on it or a year or two has passed since you purchased it from me. Sometimes have a waiting list for jeeps.  Please  call me  if you have a jeep for sale or you are interested in buying one on 01548521278 any time.

help with problems on willys jeeps

I can help with restoring your jeep including ageing down replacement data plates to look nice and original in keeping with an unrestored jeep. Advising on common faults on old jeeps, ww2 and hotchkiss. In my engine problems section I can also give some help with clutch and gearbox problems, noisy clutch bearing tip, gearbox faults, engine fault finding, registering your jeep with dvla v5 etc.

customers jeep

Hi Robert, just wanted to say a big thank you for your help and advise on purchasing this Jeep, Niven is over the moon with it.

Ps Chris and Linet also gave a brilliant service


Paul and Niven

Off to the school prom!
willys jeep off to the prom

Please look on every page of this site - I have lots of help and advice for jeep owners that many conventional auto-engineers may not  know, and I am always happy to give fault-finding advice from my own experience if you are struggling to fix a problem. I will pay good commission for any information leading to a jeep purchase, to find out more give me a call on 01548 521 278. 

Willys / ford and Hotchkiss jeeps wanted

 Our farm in Devon was occupied by the American soldiers for the practice for D-Day landings. Knowing there were jeeps all around here then,  I was very keen to re-instate a jeep on the farm. Buying my first jeep without any knowledge about what to look out for was a disaster! I bought one at a classic car auction after a novice's inspection and then driving 500 mile round trip to collect it. I was faced with a cobbled-together, rusty old jeep which needed a whole winter's hard work to even make it worth what I had initially paid.

I quickly learnt what to look out for when buying a willys or hotchkiss jeep. A website like this would have helped me so much when I was searching for a jeep. As well as my Jeeps for sale and wanted this website also has advice on registering for the first time in the UK, common problems to look out for on old jeeps, how to overcome difficult problems, modifications, Americanising a French jeep, etc. I will be putting lots of helpful tips and fixes on this website as time goes on, bear with me on this and try and excuse the spelling mistakes which will be later corrected by my daughter.

All customers
willys jeep another one saved

I am always pleased to hear how the jeeps are going, keep me posted. I like to see your pictures 

Ford gpw 1943 looking great in its new home
wilysjeepuk.co.uk   jeeps for sale

Nice original ford GPW  1943. This jeep had its soft supple ww2 springing and the metalwork was all original ww2, very nice patina. It will be admired and cherished in its new home and  will  also be used for shows and events. A very good investment that can only go up in value over the years as they always have done.   

Dartmouth naval college day 2019
posing in the willys jeep

ford gpw v6
ford gpw v6 jeep sleeper

Off on its  voyage to new owner in Newton Abbot  

1957 hotchkiss off to sheffield
wilys jeep early 12 volt hotchkiss 1957

ww2 willys off to Manchester
off to Manchester

Found in France, only needed a bit of fettling

the local vicar and his wife in my willys jeep

perfect spotless 1962 hotchkiss 24 volt
mint hotchkiss jeep Off to goodwood

This customer was an aircraft inspector, he was impressed by the perfect original condition of this 56 year old jeep

my local builder,
willys hotchkiss jeep 24 volt sold to SS

Sold to Steve and Sheila. Steve remembers riding in his father's willys jeep when he was a boy, taking pigs  from the farm near Salcombe to Bridgewater cattle market in the jeep trailer. ( You wouldn't see that happening today).  It's always nice to sell one locally, I will see this one around. Has since been weathered down to look more original.

crated willys jeep
crated willys jeep, 2015

crated willys jeep

Came to see a ww2 jeep needing lots of work. Didn't want a French Hotchkiss at any price. 20 mins after seeing this (hotchkiss jeep in its crate), with Bob and his mate helping, we assembled and drove it off down to the beach for an icecream. By the time we arrived back at the farm they both decided to buy it.

crated jeep 20 mins later
crated wilys jeep 20 mins later

another jeep goes to Bristol
camouflage willys hotchkiss jeep

after repainting
After repainting

John James Bristol
willys jeep sale

Mr & Mrs Irvine Devon, ford gpw
Mrs Irvine in their willys jeep

willys MB 1945 Exeter
willys MB Exeter

Crated jeep advertising feature
Crated jeep advertising feature

Established 1983

Established 1983

look on my jeeps for sale page next

Also if you like little tractors and have one for sale or want one please click on this link to see my other website. There is a link on that site to get back on this again. www.reusablematerials.net 

Sold back into Wales where it came from
willys jeeps wanted, willysjeepuk.co.uk

This jeep belonged to a police radio engineer, everything electrical was replaced with new or upgraded with modern alternative.

willys ww2 we recovered from France

This one was barn-stored on a large estate down near Paris. Used in France in the war. It had been in the dry barn unused for 25 years, never been welded and in real solid condtion 

Full on rebuild by Rob Hine
Rob Hine

This one is going to be taken to a couple of local shows this year as a running, driving chassis before the body is reinstated. 

This one has sold locally

It's a great incentive for me when I get nice feedback after a sale. I'm always  pleased to hear and see how things are going with your jeep no matter how long ago you purchased it from me.

Hi Rob
Just a quick line to let you know the journey from you back to Torquay last week went very smoothly, we called in for fuel at the first garage on the main road and then took it easy all the way back We arrived just as it was getting dimpsy .We have been out for a couple of short trips just to get used to driving a jeep and all is going well.We are all thrilled and I know it will give us hours of pleasure be it on the road or tinkering in the garage. Thank you for all your help and friendly expert advice which made the whole experience a pleasure. I think we forgot to pick up old mot Certs and paperwork so I'll give you a ring when I'm next over your way and call in an pick them up and have a chat and see how your doing.
Best regards Peter


the same jeep 12 months on
hotchkiss m201 supplied by Robert U'Ren

Off to its new home in Plymouth

Another one goes off to a new home
hotchkiss jeep sale posing for pictures

Off to the Cotswolds
1943 ford gpw jeep

1943 ford gpw, very special original jeep

Off to Birmingham
wilys m38 jeep  Devon to bermingham

After 3 weeks in Devon being recommissioned then off to a new home in Birmingham just a few miles away from where it had originally come.

Hotchkiss sold locally
Hotchkiss sold locally

this was a very nice example , super low mileage, almost silent to drive , a very lovely jeep

Jeep outside its new home in Cornwall
willys mb jeep

m38 airfield jeep
willys m38 airfield jeep

this one had been berried in hay bales for years to keep the moisture off , beautiful solid rust free condition

off to Bampton behind a motorhome
willysjeepuk another jeep goes off to new home

Hi Robert yes we got home fine thank you and we are chuffed to bits, we had to take her out for a little run around when we got back thank you for all your help and hopefully we will bump into you at some show somewhere.

Liz and Pep

Hotchkiss jeep destined for Uganda

new home near London

nice early example 

Hotchkiss off to Uganda
willys jeep crated for air transport to Uganda

This jeep will be flown  to Uganda 

Classic Africa Safaris 


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