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jeeps for sale needing work

I sometimes offer a  jeep for sale in the as found condition  straight off the trailer  but this is not what people realy want despite what they may say, I usually end up putting it in my workshop and  fetling and fixing things  then change the price up accordingly and the jeep apeals to a wider audience,  If you see my price for the same jeep increase after a week or so , this would be what has happened, people often ask me for a cheap jeep needing work but when offered exactly this they rarely actually buy it.

I still try to  ocasionally offer a jeep for sale in this way

This offers mechanically skilled people with a tight budget a  chance to buy a cheap jeep with some repairs to sort out themselves, 

Alternatively If you have a jeep for sale and it is very very original, I pay upto £20000 each for these jeeps and upto £10000 for project jeeps


data plates made to look old
willys data tags made to look old

these are new quality embossed data tags, very lightly orbital sanded with 240 grit sandpaper, sharp corners blunted off, distressed with various tools and for an even older look flick a little battery acid around the edges to give age related pitting corosion effect, rub some dirty black dusty grease into  the newly stamped serial nos to give depth and age

examples of distressed data plates
data tags for you

replace pop rivets on data tags

I use these mild steel slott less pan head or dome head machine screws  or split rivets with full length split, or even rivets for leather available from a craft shop, paper fasteners which open out on the undrside, they look nice and original If you produce slight pitting on the surface and rub them in the dirt, zink can be removed with acid or burned off with a plumbers blowlamp.

If your jeep is a fully refurbished resprayed jeep then new unravaged data tags and new shiny rivets will look ok but I personally would still try and give  even a newly repainted  jeep some old original looking patina, please let me know if you find a good reasonably priced supplier and I can promote them on the website 

original jeep data tag rivets

, slot less machine screws will give the same apearance and can also be removed without drilling, remove the zink with acid or a plumbers blowlamp, agressively sand them and rub them in the dirt to give an authentic appearance 

picture of old rivets
original data tag rivets on early hotchkiss

more old original rivets
original willys gpw data tag rivets

dome head slot less machine screws

these look good when fitted

stencils on the jeep
reusable stencil for willys jeep

Use a paper reusable stencil , hold it down tight to the bonnet with little black disc magnets available from ebay, I use off white or cream colour spray paint , use silk or vinyle finish, take the sheen off when dry with very fine 240 grit sandpaper,  brilliant gloss white looks a bit to blingy and sinthetic to me, If  want to have a star only then mask off the outer ring areas with  old blankets 

finished stencil

after sales support

If you have purchased a jeep from me you will know I give friendly after sales support  24/7 for as long as you own the jeep,  free inpartial advice before you purchase a jeep who ever you end up purchasing from, you can still call me for advice, I love talking jeeps  

military Jeep gatherings
join in with our jeep days

It has been suggested by a few military vehicle enthusiasts that in  the summer it could be fun to have one or two  jeep gatherings / road runs from the farm here near Slapton Devon including a little coastal road run , If you would be intersted in taking part and would like to be notified when we meet up ,   email your contact details or call me on 01548521278 anytime


Selling Your Jeep
willys jeeps wanted any condition

I am allways looking for jeeps in all conditions, I pay very good prices   dependant on condition and history, I also buy projects, non runners and spare parts 

Selling a vehicle can be a worrying business - timewasters  people offering part payment, and so on.

 As a real  enthusiast with strong knowledge of all things jeep, I can make you an offer over the phone or return email

I have my own recovery trailer (I don't use contractors) and offer instant payment and removal. If tyres are flat and wheels siezed, this is no problem as I have a low loading recovery trailer with strong winch, carefull removal from garage or garden, a price can be discussed and agreed  over the telephone before visiting to make sure we are both happy. I  can offer a much higher price than the large dealers, as I don't have large overheads or staff to pay!

I am always contactable by telephone  or if you prefer email, send me a picture and price of the jeep . Contact me on reusablematerial(at)btconnect(dot)com or through the website or 01548521278


click on the jeeps for sale page above

I love to sell a jeep  down here in the south west and will bend over backwards to sell a nice jeep

locally, I am then able to give good after sales help if you encounter any problems with your jeep. 

I make sure the jeep buying experience is as enjoyable as possible with a  road test around our country lanes in the jeep, 4 post ramp for your inspection , tea and biscuits, never any pressurized sales, Dont mind a bit if you are going on to look at other jeeps after the visit The whole experience of visiting me to look at a jeep is an enjoyable one.

If you have bought a jeep from me and are 100s of miles away and it goes wrong,  I will always help with any problems over the phone and by email, Most of the jeeps I sell have been thoroughly road tested and and any little problems have been discovered and rectified before they are re sold, this usually amounts to overhalling  brakes, engine tuning, exhaust, batterys, lighting etc, sometimes a bit of bodywork repair but generally the French jeeps are very good runners and fairly rust free, I am always happy to buy back a jeep previousely purchased from me.

buy back
I am happy to buy back jeeps I've prev supplied

 I will always be happy to buy back jeeps  I have  previousely supplied  no matter what may have happened to them or what condition they are now in,  often able to pay you a complete refund or offer you a  profit if you have improved things on it or a year or two has passed since you purchased it from me, I sometimes have a waiting list for jeeps,  please  call me  if you have a jeep for sale or you are interested in buying one on 01548521278 any time

help with problems on willys jeeps

I can help with restoring your jeep including aging down replacement data plates to look nice and original inkeeping with an unrestored jeep, common faults on old jeeps,  ww2 and hotchkiss, In my engine problems section I can also give some help with clutch and gearbox problems, noisy clutch bearing tip, gearbox faults, engine fault finding, registering your jeep with dvla v5 etc

Off to the school prom!
willys jeep off to the prom

Please look on every page of this site - I have lots of help and advice for jeep owners that many conventional auto-engineers may not  know, and I am always happy to give fault-finding advice from my own experience if you are struggling to fix a problem. I will pay good commission for any information leading to a jeep purchase, to find out more, give me a call on 01548 521 278. 

my main business is salvage and surplus

My main business, Reusable Materials, sells salvage and surplus materials and equipment - to visit my website, please click the link: www.reusablematerials.net  This jeep website is a hobby gone out of control -  I am not a large professional dealer, I don't sell new replacement parts or have any employees, just myself finding repairing and re selling a few jeeps. I really enjoy the whole process involved with finding, buying, refurbishing, and of course demonstrating and selling these wonderfull little willys jeeps. Please don't confuse me with a large professional jeep dealer (who may have a secretary, posh industrial premises, parts department or mail order service). I don't have all these overheads and this is why my jeeps are usually very reasonably priced.

commission paid

I am happy to pay you a  commision If you know of a jeep privately that is for sale,  please dont hesitate to get in touch , I am easy going non pressurising  man of my word and have already built a good reliable reputation , contact tel no is 01548521278

Willys / ford and Hotchkiss jeeps wanted

 Our farm in Devon was occupied by the American soldiers for the practice for DDay landings.Knowing there were jeeps all around here then,  I was very keen to re-instate a jeep on the farm.Buying my first jeep without any knowledge about what to look out for was a disaster! I bought one at a classic car auction after a novice's inspection and then driving 500 mile round trip to collect it. I was faced with a cobbled-together, rusty old jeep which needed a whole winter's hard work to even make it worth what I had initially paid.

I quickly learnt what to look out for when buying a willys or hotchkiss jeep. A website like this would have helped me so much when I was searching for a jeep. As well as my Jeeps for sale and wanted this website also has advice on Registering for the first time in the UK, common problems to look out for on old jeeps, how to overcome difficult problems, modifications, Americanising a French jeep, etc. I will be putting lots of helpfull tips and fixes on this website as time goes on, bear with me on this and try and excuse the spelling mistakes which will be later corrected by my daughter 

All happy customers
willys jeep another one saved

I am always pleased to hear how the jeeps are going, Keep me posted?  I like to see your pictures 

1957 hotchkiss off to sheffield
wilys jeep early 12 volt hotchkiss 1957

ww2 willys off to Manchester
off to Manchester

Found in France, only needed a bit of fettling

the local vicar and his wife in my willys jeep

desert sand jeep off on a marathon tour

This jeep was sold to an ex gulf war soldier who had to paint his own landrover this colour on board ship on the way out to Iraq , he has retired now from the army 

perfect spotless 1962 hotchkiss 24 volt
mint hotchkiss jeep Off to goodwood

This customer was an aircraft inspector, he was impressed by the perfect original condition of this 56 year old jeep

my local builder,
willys hotchkiss jeep 24 volt sold to SS

Sold to Steve and Sheila, Steve remembers riding in his father's willys jeep when he was a boy, taking pigs  from the farm near Salcombe to Bridgewater cattle market in the jeep trailer. ( You wouldnt see that happening today).  It's always nice to sell one locally, I will see this one around. Has since been weathered down to look more original.

father and son, one each why not
later  D M fitted It with bar grip tyres

DM and JM, both vintage machinery enthusiasts. DM had a willys jeep he used on his farm  50 years ago and always regretted selling it.  

crated willys jeep
crated willys jeep, 2015

crated willys jeep

Came to see a ww2 jeep needing lots of work. Didn't want a French Hotchkiss at any price. 20 mins after seeing this (hotchkiss jeep in its crate), with Bob and his mate helping, we assembled and drove it off down to the beach for an icecream. By the time we arrived back at the farm they both decided to buy it.

crated jeep 20 mins later
crated wilys jeep 20 mins later

1943 ford gpw rare model

only a small amount of ford gpw jeeps were built using a willys chassis, this was because during ww2 the ford factory ran low on chassis for a while and were forced to use the willys chassis

Lawrence "James May" in Cornwall
Lawrence in cornwall

another jeep goes to Bristol
camouflage willys hotchkiss jeep

after repainting
After repainting

Barry Baker posing in one of the jeeps
Barry Baker

Tony Foss at kingsbridge classic Rally
Tony Foss in the willys jeep

jeep sold to Ian Bilboe
Ian Biboes very early  hotchkiss  Somerset

John James Bristol
willys jeep sale

Mr & Mrs Irvine Devon, ford gpw
Mrs Irvine in their willys jeep

willys MB 1945 Exeter
willys MB Exeter

Richard Hutchins Bognor Regis
Richard Hutchins Ford GPW Bognor Regis

1942 script ford gpw needing some work sold to the trade

off to Bognor Regis
off to Bognor Regis

Crated jeep advertising feature
Crated jeep advertising feature

Established 1983

Established 1983

look on my jeeps for sale page next

Also if you like little tractors and have one for sale or want one please click on this link to see my other website, there is a link on that site to get back on this again, www.reusablematerials.net 

Mr & Mrs Metcalf with 1956 hotchkiss

nice jeep new ford style body tub around 10 years ago, just needed some hoops, a back seat and finishing 

sold back into Wales where It came from
willys jeeps wanted, willysjeepuk.co.uk

This jeep belonged to a police radio engineere, everything electrical was replaced with new or upgraded with modern alternative

willys ww2 we recovered from France

this one was barn stored On a large estate down near Paris, used in france in the war, It had been in the dry barn unused for 25 years, never been welded and in real solid condtion 

Full on rebuild by Rob Hine
Rob Hine

This one is going to be taken to a couple of local shows this year as a running driving chassis before the body is reinstated 

this one has sold locally

Its great insentive for me when I get nice feedback after a sale, Im always  pleased to hear and see how things are going with your jeeps no matter how long ago you purchased it from me.

Hi Rob
Just a quick line to let you know the journey from you back to Torquay last week went very smoothly, we called in for fuel at the first garage on the main road and then took it easy all the way back We arrived just as it was getting dimpsy .We have been out for a couple of short trips just to get used to driving a jeep and all is going well.We are all thrilled and I know it will give us hours of pleasure be it on the road or tinkering in the garage. Thank you for all your help and friendly expert advice which made the whole experience a pleasure. I think we forgot to pick up old mot Certs and paperwork so I'll give you a ring when I'm next over your way and call in an pick them up and have a chat and see how your doing.
Best regards Peter


off to its new home in Plymouth

another one goes off to a new home
hotchkiss jeep sale posing for pictures

off to the Cotswolds
1943 ford gpw jeep

1943 ford gpw , very special original jeep

off to Birmingham
wilys m38 jeep  Devon to bermingham

after 3 weeks in Devon being recomisioned then off to a new home in Bermingham just a few miles away from where it originally came from

jeep outside its new home in cornwall
willys mb jeep


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